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All bobbin lace patterns, which either carry a red stamp labeled “Chemnitzer Klöppelwerkstatt-Original” or a mechanically created copy protection are copyrighted. They are the intellectual property of the Chemnitzer Klöppelwerkstatt or Anja’s Klöppelatelier. Commercial use is strictly prohibited!

Infringing on this copyright will be prosecuted. Every utilization of this copyright needs to first gain permission by the copyright holders. This especially applies to the following: reproduction, editing, translation, microfilming and the processing in electric data processing systems.

The copyright to all pictures released on the Chemnitzer Klöppelwerkstatt is held by the Chemnitzer Klöppelwerkstatt if not mentioned otherwise.

The usage, editing and publication of all materials and pictures is prohibited unless there is written consent by the Chemnitzer Klöppelwerkstatt.

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